Iron Chic - Not Like This LP

  • Iron Chic - Not Like This LP

Iron Chic - Not Like This LP

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This is the first full length from Long Island's Iron Chic. 10 songs in just over 30 minutes from the new lineup, including Dumps from Fat Lizzy, Jonesin', Get Bent and Rob from Capital. The album was written, practiced, and recorded by the band at guitarist Phil's (Latterman) house, illustrated and laid out by singer Lubrano (Small Arms Dealer), and released on L.P. by Dumps' own Dead Broke Rekerds; making the band a D.I.Y. supergroup, not because of any ex-member bullshit, but rather by the band conceiving, creating, and circulating the record all themselves.

From Yo Yo


  1. Cutesy Monster Man
  2. Time Keeps On Slipping Into The (cosmic) Future
  3. Timecop
  4. I Always Never Said That
  5. Black Friday
  6. Know What I Mean, Jellybean?
  7. Awes-nificent
  8. In One Ear
  9. Bustin' (makes Me Feel Good)
  10. Every Town Has An Elm Street

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