The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Assorted Works 2xLP

Compilation of rare and non-album tracks from the American emo favourites. Double 12" from Triple Crown.


1. I Will Be Okay. Everything
2. Mega Steve
3. Bread For Brett
4. Wait...What?
5. To The Janitor, To The King
6. To Miss Catherine (A Birthday Gift. Sorry I Can't Do Better, But Still...)
7. blank #6
8. Be Neon With Me
9. Beverly Wyatt
10. Gig Life (Lathe Cut Version)
11. Fat Heaven
12. A Note From Author February 1st To The Author January 1st
13. We Carry Knives
14. From The Crow's Nest On Fire Street
15. Outer Heaven
16. Even More Forever
17. Katamari Duquette
18. Chest & Shirt
19. Smoke & Felt
20. Body Without Organs