Booji Boys - Tube Reducer LP

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Brand new LP for 2019 from the Nova Scotia punkers. The catchiest, most blow-out punk rock tunes you're likely to hear any time soon. Out on the awesome Drunken Sailor Records.

A recommended release!

"As well as being one of my favourite current bands, I love telling people they're saying the band name wrong; they're fulfilling my dream of being a real record shop asshole. Plus I love saying Nova Scotia." Rory


1. Contrition
2. Calling
3. Lucky Citizen
4. New Replacement
5. Nothing Good
6. Tube Reducer
7. Life As A Fed
8. Cody Oi
9. Berlinetta
10. Distorto
11. Herky Jerky
12. Stevie Cool
13. Honeyboy
14. Nervous Idea
15. Moto-Hard