DIY Screen Printing

Long before co-running Specialist Subject Records, Kay was printing band T-shirts out of her parents' garage, and wrote a zine about it. Ten years later, she wanted a zine on printing but couldn't find one!

The zine is in two parts- the first half is all about how you can screen print at home. It's not a technical how-to (there's Youtube & books & workshops for that), but it is a cool overview of how much space you need and what bits you need to buy.

The second half is interviews with people who were printing at the time- I put a call out on social media (ahem, Myspace), and asked some friends. Although ten years later some people have moved in from printing, the conversations about their set-up and outlook are still really relevant. and it's ace to see business and people like Print Liberation, Serimal, Inked Apparel, Dan Mumford and Eco-Merch (now GET A GRIP) still out there and going strong.

Card sleeve colour may vary. 24 black & white pages. Hand assembled & stapled.

Free hand watercoloured squeegee 25mm badge!