Filling the Void: Interviews About Quitting Drinking and Using

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Filling the Void looks at people's various paths to recovery—the assorted ways it can look and the range of things it can mean in a person's life. Focusing on how recovery can happen in the absence of dogma (whether spiritual or straight-edge) and also how it works differently for everyone, Filling the Void is essential reading for everyone, regardless of relationship to alcohol or substances.

Imported from Antiquated Future, a brilliant American zine distro based in Portland, Oregon.

"This is a zine for people who are trying to quit drinking and/or using...This zine is also for people who want to be supportive of their friends who have quit or are trying to quit. And also for people who are judgmental about their friends who are trying to quit or who have quit."

Interviews with Erick Lyle (Scam zine), Artnoose (Ker-bloom zine), John Geek (The Fleshies), and many others.

60 pages, half US legal size. Cover art by Lauren Scanlon.

Written by Cindy Crabb plus Various Artists