A Guide to Supporting Musicians in the Streaming Age

The landscape for how music is consumed has changed unrecognisably in the last 10 years. Andrew put together a guide drawing on his experience of being in bands, and running the record label and shop, exploring ideas of how we as music listeners do have the power to make a difference, mostly without having to spend any money. Kay popped it into a handy mini zine format.

Download a PDF of the mini zine or an A4 sheet for free. DOWNLOAD / READ HERE

You're welcome to print out as many as you wish- give them to friends, hand them out at gigs, stick a pile in your local record shop, take them on tour.

Feel free to donate if you'd like to help us keep the zine in print for others.

We'd be happy to post up to 10 zines anywhere in the world for the cost of postage & packaging.

Originally this was printed in our newsletter and as a free zine in the shop. But it had a great reaction on twitter / instagram so we wanted to make it more accessible. Just wanted to make it clear this was never meant to be about 'buying physical vs streaming', it's about understanding how streaming works (or doesn't work) for artists, and the free steps you can take to help improve things. I wrote it in about an hour, and there's definitely loads more to say on the subject. Maybe I'll work on a second edition if I ever get the time!