Bear Vs Shark - Right Now You're In the Best of Hands/Terrorhawk 2xLP

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Double 12" vinyl compiling both albums by the influential but short lived American post hardcore band. 2016 release from Equal Vision.

1. Ma Jolie
2. Campfire
3. Buses/No Buses
4. The Employee Is Not Afraid
5. We Were Sad But Now We're Rebuilding
6. Kylie
7. MPS
8. Second
9. Don't Tell The Horses The Stable's On Fire
10. Bloodgiver
11. Michigan
12. Broken Dog Leg
13. Catamaran
14. 5,6 Kids
15. Six Bar Phrase, Hey Hey
16. The Great Dinosaurs With Fifties Section
17. Baraga Embankment
18. Entrance Of The Elected
19. Seven Stop Hold Restart
20. What A Horrible Night For A Curse
21. Out Loud Hey Hey
22. India Foot
23. Antwan
24. I Fucked Your Dad
25. Heard Iron Bug, "They're Coming To Town"
26. Song About Old Roller Coaster
27. Rich People Say Fuck Yeah Hey Hey