Specialist Subject Cratedigger - T-shirt

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It's coming up to a year since we first opened our shop! To celebrate we're printing a series of limited merch designs to reflect the spectrum of music we stock- from heavy metal to twee indie pop.

This super fun design is by our friend Eilidh Urquhart. We asked Eilidh for a design because we loved her illustrations for DIY Space For London's First Timers event, T-shirt design for Martha and merch for her own band MOLAR. To us Eilidh's work is very much part of the current UK DIY punk scene. MOLAR (who are on Everything Sucks) have also played gigs with Rory's band Neurotic Fiction and Kay's band Young Adventurers.

Printed using red waterbased ink on white and red Anvil ringer T-shirts. Tote bags also available.