The HIRS Collective - Friends. Lovers. Favorites. LP

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Very cool hardcore punk collective with the purpose "to defend, examine and extol the survival of trans and queer outcasts." Featuring contributions from Laura Jane Grace, Erica Freas, Martin Sorrondeguy and many more. 12" pink vinyl and a gatefold sleeve.


01. Wake Up Tomorrow (Featuring Bitchcraeft)
02. Last Acrylic Nail In The Coffin
03. Invisible (Featuring Shirley Manson)
04. 1994
05. What Is Love Without Purpose (Featuring Laura Jane Grace)
06. Hard To Get
07. Pedazos (Featuring Martin Crudo)
08. Y'all Are Gorgeous
09. I'm Tired (Featuring Pierce from Soul Glo)
10. Friends Lovers Favorites
11. It's Ok To Be Sad (Featuring Anna Vo & DK)
12. It's Ok To Be Sick
13. Women In Hordes (Featuring Erica Freas)
14. Still Can't Kill Us (Featuring Romantic States)
15. Demagogues (Featuring Marissa Paternoster)
16. Assigned Cop At Birth
17. Always Surviving (Featuring Alice Bag & Candace Hansen)
18. Harmful Intent
19. Looking For A Fight (Featuring Sadie Switchblade)
20. Outnumbered