Dags! - Snowed In/Stormed Out LP Barely Regal

2016 album from the Milan math rock band. 12" vinyl from Barely Regal.


1. Chega de saudade
2. We all like theories, let's not make anything ever happen
3. I Would Love To Send All Those Shitheads Wearing Camo To The Actual Army
4. Dance today, dance tomorrow, why not the day after.
5. Punching above your height
6. Why is there a "b" in the word "doubt"?
7. Fall & Fracture
8. For instance does any of those "I" I put in a sentence make me look like an egotistical prick?
9. Why is there a "B" in the word "debt"?
10. In order to have survivors you need patients. In order to get patients you need survivors
11. Why is there a "b" in the word "subtle"?