2017 Vinyl Bundle Deal

Every vinyl release Specialist Subject Records put out in 2017 (apart from the Fresh s/t album which is currently out of print).

7x LP albums
1x 12" EP
2x 7"s

All on colour vinyl. To buy separately this would come to £104.

What you get:

Slingshot Dakota - Broken (cream 7”)

Great Cynics - POSI (translucent beer LP)

Grand-Pop - Eight Nights (pink LP)

The Smith Street Band - More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me (2nd press halloween orange splatter LP)

Austeros - I've Got This (screenprinted 12”)

Caves - Always Why (translucent green LP)

Pillow Queens - Calm Girls (navy blue 7”)

Jesus and his Judgemental Father - It Might Get Better (cream LP)

Hard Girls - Floating Now (translucent blue LP)

Onsind - We Wilt, We Bloom (purple LP)

Plus bonus 2017 sampler CD