Oro Swimming Hour - Penrose Winoa LP Art is Hard

Two piece with Bristol's Oliver Wilde and children's book illustrator Nicholas Stevenson. Mastered by Orchid Tapes' Warren Hildebrand (Alex G) is full to the brim with freak-folk anthems, lo-fi bedroom pop and the sound of Elliot Smith summoned to a torch-lit seance. Splatter vinyl with 16 page zine from Art Is Hard.


1. Cardinal
2. Marshmallow
3. Squint
4. Wilderness Walker
5. Marshal Arts Washing Cars
6. Lip
7. Alice Trappings
8. Overturn
9. Overthrown
10. Kellar
11. Reacher
12. Ornatrice
13. Paracetamol
14. Big Dipper
15. Blinker
16. Spirit Realm