Limp Wrist - s/t LP

  • Limp Wrist - s/t LP

Limp Wrist - s/t LP

2008 EP from Limp Wrist with their 'Want Us Dead' 7" on the B-Side. Black vinyl on La Vida Es Un Mus.

A recommended release!

“Out and proud Queercore HC featuring hardcore queer legend Martin Crudo and crew. I’m grateful 100% of the time for the gay/trans/lez/bi folks, especially those who are/were brown & black, and who challenged the status quo as outsiders. They made room for the relatively safer and accepter LGBTQ+ movement of today. Happy Pride!” Erica


1. To the Grave
2. Bought Out
3. Dead Weight
4. Collapse
5. Spun
6. Knuckles
7. S.T.A.

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