The Human Zoo: A Fanzine About Caring

James McMahon, the editor of Kerrang magazine put together a zine compiled from writings by musicians involved in the DIY punk scene- including our very own Nicola from Doe and Lande from Muncie Girls. All proceeds go to Amnesty International, we don't take a cut.

Here's what James says about it

"Around the turn of the year, exhausted by social media, desperate for some chink of light within the relentless march of fascism, racism, prejudice and cruelty that modern life has become, I decided to make a little zine in my spare time called The Human Zoo, which would contain some of my illustrations I was working on on a human/beast hybrid vibe, as well as some of my writing. But more importantly, a collection of writings from my friends and artists that inspire me, on things they were grateful for. The thinking being that if you take little seeds of things that make you feel better, you can grow them, and those things might blossom into other things that make other people feel better. In that sense, The Human Zoo is a little stance of resistance against the doom."