Austeros - I've Got This 12"

  • Austeros - I've Got This 12
  • Austeros - I've Got This 12

Austeros - I've Got This 12"

Following last year's debut full length, Painted Blue, Austeros have 5 new songs in the form of, I've Got This!

The EP charts the past 6 months for singer / guitarist, Jeremy Pitcher. Relocating to Bristol from Cheltenham (a move that was vital for his mental heath) and navigating the current political climate.

Produced by their friend Tim Rowing-Parker (of the band Woahnows), the band wanted a real back to basics recording taking influence from early albums by The Lemonheads, REM and other late 80's indie & punk. Perfectly complimenting and not overshadowing Austeros' simple pop songwriting.

One sided clear 12" with a screenprinted B-side. Also available with a new shirt!

Co-release with Chisel Records (Canada) & Tour Van Records (US), please order from them in North America!

Track Listing

  1. To Be You
  2. Dead Cells
  3. Cherished
  4. Figure Of Speech
  5. Island

Pressing Information

500 - Clear vinyl with screen printed B-side

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