V/A - Asian Man Music for Asian Man People LP

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Asian Man bands covering other Asian Man bands. One time pressing limited to 600 copies.


Side A
1.Antarctico Vespucci-Stormy Weather(Kepi)
2.The Murderburgers-Self Esteem(AJJ)
3.All People-Table Settings(Colossal)
4.Warm Thoughts-Ultraman(The Chinkees)
5.Great Apes-Last Strike(Classics of Love)
6.Winter Break-Controlling Animals(The Chinkees)
7.Kevin Seconds-Goodbye Forever(Alkaline Trio)
Side B
1.Modern Baseball-The Quark(Hard Girls)
2.Jeff Rosenstock-X-Mas Card(MU330)
3.Powernap-Gun Show(Classics of Love)
4.Dog Party-Brain Scrambling Device(Kepi)
5.Dowsing-San Francisco(Alkaline Trio)
6.Laura Stevenson-Do Something(Smoking Popes)
7.Spraynard-KKK Hiway(MU330)