Muncie Girls / Sandlotkids - Split 7"

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Our friends at Uncle M in Germany are releasing a new split 7" for Muncie Girls in October. We're taking pre-orders for any UK folks keen to get hold of a copy!

Muncie Girls offer brand new track "Gone With the Wind" which features on their upcoming full length due out in 2016 and a cover of the Ramones' " Pet Sematary". And the other half of the split features 2 tracks from the awesome Munich indie / grunge / shoegaze band, Sandlotkids.

Check out a preview here...

1. Gone With The Wind (Muncie Girls)
2. Pet Sematary (Muncie Girls)
3. Dramatic Comedy (Sandlotkids)
4. Wide Awake (Sandlotkids)

Pressing Information

500 - Black