Above Them - Water Lane LP SPS039

Lots changed for Above Them since the release of their last album; line up changes have come and gone, fatherhood, marriage. What hasn't changed is their ability to write incredible melodic punk rock songs. Water Lane shows a natural progression from where they left off, bringing in subtle new influences and developing that distinctive Above Them sound.

Recorded early 2015 in south Devon with Paul Yeadon (of Bivouac / The Wireless Stores).

Artwork by Jamie Morrison

Track Listing

  1. Theories Of Planned Behaviour
  2. Cutting Loose
  3. We're All Going Down
  4. Too Little, Too Late
  5. Old Roots
  6. Sink Or Gin
  7. The River
  8. Old Friend
  9. Water Lane
  10. Broken Bones
  11. Young and Petrified
  12. Dying Wasn't Good Enough

Pressing Information

150 - Clear / Mint Green
350 - Black