Above Them - Are We A Danger To Ourselves CD / LP SPS015

2nd full length from loveable Yorkshire lads, Above Them. If you've heard their 2009 album 'Blueprint For A Better Time' you'll know just what to expect - super catchy, anthemic, British sounding punk rock. Recorded recorded in Nottingham with Paul Yeadon (Bivouac/Wireless Stores) and Johnny Carter (Pitchshifter).

CD comes packaged in a 6 panel card digifile with artwork and photography from Jamie Morrison (of The Arteries / Ssssnakes / Pale Angels fame).

LP on black vinyl from Kiss of Death / Yo Yo Records


  1. A New Year
  2. Concrete Forgiveness
  3. Temper Like A Hand Grenade
  4. Feel Alive
  5. The Fall
  6. On Form Like A Bad Year
  7. Giving Up On Sorrow
  8. Self Destructive
  9. Two (Many) Nights In Paris
  10. Something To Keep You Positive
  11. Step Back, Release
  12. Are We A Danger To Ourselves