Attack! Vipers! - Deadweight Revival CD SPS014

In September 2014 Attack! Vipers!, after eight and a half years, sadly decided to call it a day. Deadweight Revival was the 2nd full length from the band. 12 tracks of crushingly brilliant punk rock, post rock & metal influenced hardcore. Pieced together over a year under the ever patient eye of long time collaborator Rich Tamblyn at the old Blacksmiths in Portsmouth, with Pete Miles mixing and mastering the whole thing at the end of 2011.


CD comes packaged in a 6 panel card digifile with artwork from A!V! singer Joe Watson plus a little bit of handwriting from Var Thelin (No Idea Records' founder).


Clear vinyl LP from YoYo Records.


  1. Reverse Heart Attack
  2. Raised By Wolves
  3. No Foundations
  4. You Were Hope
  5. You Were Horror
  6. Ghost Town Blues
  7. Untitled
  8. Widow Johnson
  9. Out In The Dark (feat. El Morgan)
  10. Strays
  11. Burn My Bones
  12. Doomsday Sisters