ON TOUR! 16 July 2019


Midway through their tour, these dreamy punks gave us an update from the road.
They play Manchester tonight!

Specialist Subject Records: Do you have any hot takes?
Kathryn: Every day on tour should have a mandatory nap built in.
Carly: Slingy D is best described as “shit band no songs.”
George: Sure is a hot one huh?!

SPS: How’s tour so far?
K: Wonderful.
C: Tour has been incredible so far. Fresh & Andrew & Kay have been taking the best care of us!
G: So much fun!

SPS: Have you played with any cool bands that you'd never heard of before?
C: Every support band has been the best: Søft, Solution Hours & Rosehip Teahouse
G: Søft were so great.
K: Søft.

SPS: How was 2000 Trees?
G: It was the best. I got to meet Andy Williams from Every Time I Die and watch them play Hot Damn, hang out with my friends in Free Throw, pretend to be a roadie, rep a rose wine company and eat Beckies Bajhis!

SPS: What’s been the best food on tour?
C: The best tour food has been all of the homemade food from Andrew & Kay!!! Especially the Mac & Cheese.
K: Andrew’s homemade vegan pancakes, and the BBQ that we had last night.
G: Beer.

SPS: Where are you excited about playing this week?
K: I’m excited for Manchester, The Scotland shows and Leeds!
C: We are excited to go back to Leeds, the scene of Toms accident! Also stoked to go back to JT Soar as a full band since I had to play solo due to Toms accident.
G: Scotland is always fun.

SPS: What are you listening to in the van?
G: Tom Petty!
C: Mostly Tom Petty and the “Fresh Podcast” aka Jack/Myles/Kathryn chatting vividly in the back seat.
K: Each other!

SPS: Who’s doing the most farts?
K: It’s usually Myles but Carly is the champion thus far.
G: Carly.
C: Me.

Catch these beautiful freaks at any of these shows over the next week:

16/07 - Gullivers, Manchester
EVENT: http://bit.ly/2VwxL0B
TICKETS: http://bit.ly/2DGKOme

17/07 - Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh
EVENT: http://bit.ly/2V52Gli
TICKETS: http://bit.ly/2INfZAo

18/07 - Bloc, Glasgow
EVENT: http://bit.ly/2DBqqTk

19/07 - Wharf Chambers, Leeds
EVENT: http://bit.ly/2DEZZw0
TICKETS: http://bit.ly/2GKgNlU

20/07 - The Flapper, Birmingham
EVENT: http://bit.ly/2vt6vBy
TICKETS: http://bit.ly/2IZwDvS

21/07 - Exchange, Bristol - Matinee 2pm!
EVENT: http://bit.ly/2DDdpZA
TICKETS: http://bit.ly/2LarrrR