Personal Best

Katie started the band with Tom Hussey and Lou whilst all three lived in Bristol. Since then it’s moved about a bit, and currently sits between Bristol, Brighton and Southsea. Guitarist El Morgan (who’s been playing her own acoustic music for years) co-runs Southsea Sound, a recording and rehearsal studio. Katie is great at writing catchy as fuck lyrics, one of which ‘This Is What We Look Like’, has been used as a slogan on a T-shirt by Deep Breaths Collective, who launched it at a concession in Topshop!

Katie Gatt - guitar / vocals
El Morgan - guitar / vocals
Tom Baker - bass / vocals
Jay Cavalier - drums
Tom Hussey - bass
(SPS025 / SPS035)
Lou Hanman - drums / vocals
(SPS025 / SPS035)

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