Pale Angels

A really great band who are quite different to a lot of the bands we work with- drawing influence from Nirvana, Ramones, Pixies and a bunch of 90s grunge stuff. Jamie does all the artwork and loads of cool gig posters too (we have an original painting of one framed). They’re a great band to watch live, and have done loads of cool videos- such as the one for ‘Don’t Feel a Thing’ which Jonathan Minto (from Caves) put together from tour footage, and the one for ‘Piss Water’ where they covered themselves in acrylic paint. I also love the video for ‘Ditch Digger’, which animator Jack Hyde put
together using loads of Jamie’s illustrations.

Mike Santostefano - guitar / vocals
Jamie Morrison - bass / vocals
Chris Krause - drums (SPS034 / SPS050 / touring North America)
Reza Mirehsan - drums (SPS029 / touring Europe)
Mikey Erg - drums (SPS021)
Hamish Adams - drums (touring)

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