Andrew, Roo and Hamish have been best friends and playing in bands together since school. Bangers is definitely the reason Specialist Subject is a label, and it was bittersweet watching them play together for the last time at our gig in London in August 2016- they felt the band had run it’s course and that they’d rather draw a line under it while they still liked each other! Of course, they’re still all really good mates and Roo and Hamish have played together in The Hippaes since. We also recently watched Roo’s one-man musical Loam Junction. Bangers did loads of cool things Andrew had wanted to achieve in a band- playing Fest in Florida three times, touring America, touring mainland Europe and the UK numerous times, and released loads of records.

Roo Pescod - guitar, vocals
Andrew Horne - bass, vocals
Hamish Adams - drums

Specialist Subject Releases